Coding is creative, Coding builds focus, Coding builds discipline, Coding is fun,

Coding is Cool!

At Cool Kids Coding School we offer a unique computer programming syllabus focused on teaching students technology skills.  These are skills they will need in high school, college and even their professional life.  Other programs focus on game development, in most cases using SCRATCH, we teach programming in a math/science context.  In our homework we assign problems in math, geometry, function visualization, statistics and probability, all components of data scienceRequirements for each problem are discussed and gently reviewed in class before assigned.   We use real programming languages, like Python, SQL and C++We teach programming languages that millions of college students and professional software developers use daily. 

Learning to code is not about training to become a software developer.  We believe that soon, programming will be a skill every student will need in order to succeed in school or in the workplace.

Programming gives students invaluable skills they can leverage to analyze and solve problems across many areas.  Computer programming builds skills that help a student think logically.  Creating programs and using them to solve problems builds confidence and creativity in ones own abilities.

At Cool Kids Coding School our program offers instructor led, interactive classes using modern programming languages where the student learns by doing each step of the way.  The lead instructor is a technology veteran with over 20 years of experience managing and implementing technology in the finance industry.  We know what is important when it comes to programming and what is not.  The classes are designed to engage each student and enable them to gain the skills they will need for each followup class.  The Cool Kids Coding School program is composed of a series of courses that teach familiarization of programming concepts and problem solving at a certain level.  In each course an instructional class is followed by a lab class, this way the student solidifies their understanding of the prior class material.

Tools of the trade
Our introductory courses are focused on the Python programming language.  At Cool Kids Coding School we are big fans of Python.  Python has become one of the most popular programming languages in a very short time.  This language provides a great balance in clarity and abilities whether the student is taking introductory courses or advanced.  Python is heavily used in academic as well as professional environments.   Python can be found in an extensive number of industries including finance, it is heavily used in data science, and web development projects.  The popularity of this language ensures it does not go out of fashion any time soon.  In each class we will use the Jupyter Notebook for instruction as well as in-class assignments and homework.  The Jupyter Notebook is a software development platform that allows a student to write code and then execute it in a very easy and concise manner.  At Cool Kids Coding School we will also use an online code repository called GitHub.  All course material will be maintained there.  Students will need to have a laptop or chromebook that they bring to class each day.

Students start with introductory level courses and proceed to advanced.  After each instructional course we offer a Problem Solving course where during the whole course we solve interview problems given by top technology companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon.  Brain power and programming skills come together in this course to solve problems.  As students become proficient with the programming language they can start to add on specialization courses like, web design, databases and data science.  More specialization courses will be added over time.  Add yourself to our mailing list to get news of new additions.  In the near future specialization courses around Raspberry Pi/Arduino programming, Python and Excel, Mathematical/Scientific Computing, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be added.  Go to our courses page to see what we offer.

Class Environment
Each course is composed of twelve, seventy five minute classes that focus on a specific programming topic.  With an instructor to student ratio, of never more than 1:10 each class is taught at a pace where each student gets the attention they need and no student that attends the classes falls behind.  In each class, during the instruction students can interactively follow along with the instructor on the day’s topics.  Students can cooperate in-class to solve in class programming problems.  A homework is assigned at the end of most classes.  Programming is a skill that can only be learned by doing.  Class notes, homework and assignments are posted to our GitHub page.  Homework solutions are reviewed in the next class.  By the end of Introductory Python your child will be able to create their own short programs.  With the completion of each course the sophistication, complexity and confidence of your students programming skills will increase.


Based on the skills, complexity and maturity requirements for this program we feel that a student in the 5th grade or above is ideally suited to take part and succeed in this program. Classes are held in convenient locations on the Upper East and Upper West side of Manhattan.  Small group classes at private residences can be added, for more details about that email me.  Other locations around the city can be also be added as requested.

Classes are being added throughout the fall and spring, add yourself to our mailing list to find out when new classes are added or register for classes now.




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