Originated from Textbooks, Refined by Experience

At Cool Kids Coding School can be taken in any sequence as long as the prerequisites are satisfied.  There is a course sequence that is recommended starting from most basic to more advanced.  For more information contact info.


Introductory Python

This course is the introductory course used to get a student familiar with programming. We use Python as our target language because it is a popular, modern language with a lot of community support. The student learns about basic programming syntax and constructs. We discuss variables, data structures, loops and conditionals. This is the point in the students education where the celebrated “Hello world” program is created.


Problem Solving with Python

A new addition to our course catalog. This is a unique course that applies all the theory learned in Introductory Python to solve challenging programming problems. The problems we solve are interview questions from technology firms like Google, Facebook, and Amazon.


Intermediate Python

This course extends the Introductory Python course. In this course students build on the concepts they have already learned, with more advanced concepts. The student's understanding is increasing and his/her ability to write more sophisticated programs as well as solve more complicated problems is also increasing. We introduce the student to comprehensions, and exception management. We also dig in deeper into packages in an effort to understand functionality that can help us.


Object Oriented Programming

Object-oriented Programming, or OOP for short, is a programming paradigm which provides a means of structuring programs so that properties and behaviors are bundled into individual objects. A object could represent a person with a name property, age, address, etc., with behaviors like walking, talking, breathing, and running.


Databases and SQL

Data in a digital world and how to manage it. Learn about the technology behind databases. Learn SQL, the language of databases. Learn how to store, retrieve and manipulate data. All instruction will be done using the incredibly popular MySQL database.


Advanced Python

This course completes the python familiarization courses. In this course we build on the concepts learned in Intermediate Python and introduce the student to advanced programming concepts. At this point the student should be comfortable with the python language enough to use it for problem solving without being prompted. The student should be able to use Python to help solve and visualize Math and science curriculum learned in school.


Fundamentals of Data Science

This course focuses on putting together skills and concepts we have learned from previous courses. We use data, programming and math skills to analyze and draw conclusions on a different data set every course.


Excel Programming

Since it's introduction several decades ago Excel has become incredibly popular. Excel is a tool that can be used in any environment. The ability to quickly do an analysis and then put together tables, and graphs has become so important in academia as well as the workplace. In this course we expose students to the fundamentals of excel. Students become familiar with formulas, macros, pivot tables.